Using QR Codes for Business

QR codes can go anywhere. These little barcodes are so accessible, not to mention cost-effective, that anybody with access to a computer or smart phone can create and distribute them. QR codes can be placed on websites, stuck on flyers, in magazines, anywhere there's room! The places QR codes can be found are infinite. Sticking QR codes in places that will benefit a marketing campaign is a bit more strategic. Since their inception, business have taken a trial and error approach to implementing QR codes, some of which have had better success than others.

QR Codes Directly on Products

For those with a product to sell, QR codes can be printed directly onto products, or even printed onto stickers which can be placed on the product packaging. This use of QR codes applies more to manufacturers, but is still an interesting though experiment. Scanning these QR codes can do a number of things depending on the product. Food based products can display nutrition facts, ingredients or recipes. Clothing stores can use QR codes on price tags to let the user see similar, complimenting items and accessories, compare prices or see photos of the item being worn. Media based products like CDs, movies or video games can play audio or show video samples.

Make Comparison Shopping Easier

It's no secret that customers like to compare prices. Even if a store doesn't provide the service, or even advertisements showing their prices against competitors, people will compare prices. Whether it's by looking online, leaving the store to check other competitors or even looking it up on their smart phone, consumers are constantly concerned with getting the best deal. A business that's confident in their pricing can show prices from other competitors with quick QR code scan. Even if the prices don't always stack up against others, users may still prefer purchases in the QR embellished store simply due to the convenient use of QR codes creating a positive user experience.

Give Consumers a Reason to Buy

The amount of advertisement that can accompany each individual product is limited. Giving additional information, videos, photos, instructional demos and user reviews would be great if it wouldn't crowd stores and become quickly overwhelming in tight places. QR codes can provide an easy, compact solution. Scanning a QR code attached to a display or stuck onto a price tag can show reviews by other users, giving customers a good reason to buy the product. Other advertising materials, like photos and videos as mentioned above, can be added to create a convincing all in one advertisement for each featured product. This creative use of QR codes gives consumers confidence in the product and increases the chance they'll buy impulsively.

Cater to Bargain Shoppers

Comparison shopping isn't the only way that customers bargain shop. Coupons are a huge part of the shopping experience for many people. This usually involves lots of "coupon clipping" or finding and printing paper coupons online. Organizing and keeping track of all those little pieces of paper can be frustrating and inconvenient even for the most dedicated coupon clippers. Using QR codes to hold digital versions of coupons can be a huge help to customers, and also makes your business more eco-friendly! Print a QR code onto normal coupons so that smart phone savvy viewers can store the code in their phone and present it when needed. This means users don't have to keep track of a messy bundle of coupons, and that they'll always have it on them if they decide just to "stop in" to your establishment.

The places QR codes can be found vary highly based on industry and customer base. For this reason use of QR codes should be thought of as a compliment to an already successful marketing campaign, rather than a replacement. This way, flyers, coupons and store displays still catch the eyes of any consumer to pass them, but smart phone equipped consumers can get that extra boost of convenience thanks to your clever use of QR codes. This can play on customer curiosity and create an overall happy experience for your customers that can only translate into more return visits and positive word of mouth!