The Best QR Code Creators

Searching for a QR code generator can be a hassle. It seems like every website out there has one of some form or another. But how do you know which to use? Are they all the same? For the most part every QR code creator will perform the same basic function: create QR codes that can link to a website or perform other basic functions like phone calls or text messages. Not all QR codes are created for the same purpose though, which is where some QR code creators stand out among the rest.

QR Codes for Print

Mobile Fish QR Generator
Determining how big a QR code should be depends on a lot of factors. This QR code creator not only generates a high resolution QR code, but it also guides you on determining correct size, lets you specify image type, colors, padding and more.

QReate & Track
Possibly one of the most popular QR code generators, QReate & Track lets you create QR codes at high resolution.

Another popular QR code generator, QRStuff gives a large list of options and customization options. Additionally, users can output the QR code by simply downloading it or printing it, e-mailing or even connecting to services which let you put it on merchandise.

Create Other Types of Barcodes

Raco Industries
This website provides a long list of barcode generators, both for 1D barcodes and 2D barcodes. More so, each generator comes equipped with very detailed creation options.

Microsoft Tag Manager
A Microsoft Tag is another type of 2D barcode which can be generated and used just like QR codes. These tags can only be generated through Microsoft's own Tag generator. Luckily, this generator comes with a lot of other useful features like managing multiple tags, tracking and reporting.

Tec-IT Barcode Generator
Tec-IT provides a creator for one dimensional, or linear, downloadable barcodes. Only a small amount of data can be encoded, but doing so is quick, easy and free.

Easy Custom QR Codes

This QR code creator comes with a lot of options, but the most impressive one is the ability to put a logo or other image right onto the QR code. Much easier to generate custom barcodes with a few clicks than to create QR codes, open them with a graphics program and make the alterations yourself.

QRilize is another easy to use QR creator that lets users embed their logo directly onto the QR code. This site requires users to sign up for an account before doing so, but you can create QR codes for free after doing so.

Raco Industries
This websites lets you create QR codes with a variety of unique options. It may not generate QR codes with logos and colors customized automatically, but it does provide options like error correction level, image format and margin size. These options can really help when looking to manually customize finicky QR codes.

QR Codes with Tracking
URL shorteners and QR codes go hand in hand. allows users to create and track QR codes while also putting content into a shortened URL. This means less characters inside the actual QR code with the added ability to track the success of your barcode.

Qrickit may not provide tracking built into their platform, but they do provide an easy to use QR code generator coupled with a handy guide for how to setup your own tracking.
Create QR codes easily with's generator and add in tracking, and other handy features, for free! Making use of the tracking feature requires signing up for an account, but doing so is easy and at no cost.

Other QR Code Generators

All of these generators are great for their specific uses, but what about those times when only a basic QR code is needed? There's a plethora of quick and easy QR code creators on the web. Start with some of these popular generators for a simple QR code without the hassle of options you don't need.