QR Code Generators for Commercial Use

Barcodes have been used in commercial business for years. Manufacturers print QR codes onto product labels and cashiers scan those same items to get their prices. These same barcodes help for inventory purposes and for tracking. This is all mostly behind the scenes work, nothing that the average consumer has to worry about. QR codes, a two dimensional, or "2D", barcode have bridged the barcode gap. With these barcodes service and product providers can get just as much interest and use out of barcodes as the customer.

The facts behind QR codes are easy to understand. Just like with other more familiar barcodes, data is encoded behind black and white pixels. In older barcodes this was in the form of black and white bars. QR codes and other 2D barcodes have black and white pixels in the form of dots, squares and other geometric shapes. A scanner can read this barcode and reveal the data encoded within it. This scanner is one of the big differences. Rather than needing special hardware to read the data, anybody with a smart phone can scan a QR code and see its contents. This, coupled with the fact that a commercial QR code generators is so easy to find, makes barcodes appeal to a much wider audience than before.

Using a commercial QR code generator is simple. A simple search of the internet reveals all sorts of QR code generators available for use. Most of them are even free! Each one consists of an easy form where. at a minimum, two items will need to be specified: the type of data to encode, and the data itself. The type of data could be simple text, a link, an SMS text message, a phone call, a geographic location and much more. After choosing the type of data, simply enter it into a text box, click a button and a QR code should be presented in instants. After that, simply save or download the image and place it where its bound to get some scans. Common locations include store fronts, business cards, flyers and coupons, but the possibilities are endless!

There's a few things to keep in mind when searching for a good commercial QR code generator. To start, it's important to make sure that the desired generator allows their QR codes to be used for commercial purposes. Most QR codes don't specify what they can be used for, but some specifically note that they are only for personal use. With that requirement out-of-the-way, there's a few other things to look for:

  • Does it need to be large? QR codes can go on anything. If a QR code is meant to go on a large surface, a high-resolution version would be best. There exists a few different commercial QR code generators which provide free, 300 DPI, high-resolution images of a QR code.

  • On the other hand, is the barcode being printed on something without a lot of room? Consider generating a micro QR code instead. These codes have significantly less storage space, but are able to fit in much smaller areas while still be able to be scanned.

  • Will this QR code be on a surface which might get easily distorted? QR codes have a built-in error correction to make up for smudging or otherwise distorted barcodes. This error correction can be increased or decreased on some commercial QR code generators, so keep that in mind for unsure surfaces.

After choosing and creating a commercial QR code, the next step is not to place it. Testing is very important! Dispersing QR codes that don't even scan would be embarassing and discouraging to users. Avoid this possibility by testing generated QR codes a number of times. Do so from different angles, and even compare barcodes generated from one generator against another to be sure it's as fast and efficient as possibl.e Lengthy guidelines aside, commercial QR code generators are both easy to find and easy to use. The generated QR codes can provide a lot of fun, convenient services to your user. The ability to provide digital content on static, print media is a benefit that cannot be ignored. Doing so at low or no cost makes commercial QR codes an even more attractive subject, one in fact that's nearly impossible to ignore.