Spice Up Business Cards with QR Codes

The struggle to make business cards that stand out is a long one. Usually all business cards seem to look the same, with some arrangement of a name and contact information, company logo and maybe a picture. When shopping for a service, how does a potential customer choose to pick up one company over another, or even choose who to contact first? Most likely it's luck of the draw, unless one catches their attention and stands out in their memory. Service and product providers have tried everything from a different type of paper to print business information on objects that would never be considered business cards (like legos)! Creativity is great, but it's also important to be functional. Afterall a business card is useless if it's to bulky or awkward for the user pickup and carry around. Quick response codes are one marketing tool that can be used to make a creative, eye-catching QR code business card without sacrificing convenience.

QR code business card information can be hard to come by. Sure there are a lot of sites with galleries and examples of artistic QR code business cards, but what do they actually do? Being eye-catching is great, but even more so if it can be functional. These little barcodes can do a lot of interesting things. To start, they can simply link to contact information in the form of a "vCard". This digital calling card will store data such as name, address, phone number, e-mail address and website as a new contact in the scanner's phone. This is a nice added feature considering how often business cards are lost or even just thrown away. Always be reachable by becoming a contact!

QR code business cards can do more than just make storing contact data easier, though. Why not encourage viewers to be impulsive and have the QR code launch a phone call right to your company to set up an appointment or inquire about services further? Or, if your companies services need more of an introduction, include a link that leads to work samples embedded right on the QR code business card. Information inside of a QR code doesn't need to just be plain text or phone functions. Instead, a link to an online portfolio, videos, photos, interactive demos or even customer reviews can be added! Users can learn more about services and reputations moments after picking up your QR code business card!

Functionality is a great feature, but only part of the equation. How can you get customers to pick up your business card in the first place? If the QR code business card isn't appealing enough to catch the user's eye over other cards, then they'll never discover the functionality inside of it. QR codes don't need to be an eyesore. Many people choose to weave QR codes into the overall design of a business card. Thanks to error correction, QR codes can be altered slightly by way of colors or designs. This allows barcodes to have logos inside of them, or could even have its colors changed to fit in with a larger logo. For those who want a more subtle QR code business card, the barcode can be placed in a less prominent location. In a corner, or sized small next to contact information can provide convenience for those with a smart phone without confusing users who don't understand or use QR codes. QR codes can even go on the back of business cards!

QR code business cards can be a great way to spice up your marketing strategies. These barcodes should never be used solely to sell people on your services, since this would alienate potential customers without smart phones. When used properly though, QR codes can be a great compliment to any advertising strategy! Need some inspiration? The links below some great QR business card information as well as creative examples of them these barcodes action!

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