About the Site

A website about barcodes may seem like an odd choice. What's so interesting about QR codes to warrant an entire website dedicated to it? This is the exact reason why I created commercialqrcodegenerator.com. Being a big fan of Japanese culture in general, I was quick to notice the trend way before QR codes even thought about popping up in the United States and elsewhere. Japan has always been the hub for strange technological trends, so it's no surprise that QR codes became such a hit. I found them to be odd at first until I started to learn about all the potential uses for them. I'm by no means an expert marketer, but these things have a lot of potential!

When I first started trying to learn about them there weren't many resources around the internet, especially in English. This was surprising since they're just so easy to create and use! I don't have the programming knowledge myself to make a generator or a QR code reader app, so I decided to do my part in at least educating others on it. This way, maybe somebody a little more technically savvy than myself can create the tools to make them popular elsewhere on the web.

Now, QR codes are everywhere, which I think is great. They're still growing, and there's still a lot of people who disregard them as silly barcodes, but I hope with this website I was able to help at least a few people to open their eyes to these neat little piece of technology.