About Me

So you want to know a little bit about the guy behind the barcodes? Well it's nice to meet you! I'm Jerry, a humble office worker with some silly hobbies. I'm not a marketing, or even a technology buff, but still, QR codes caught my eye. Since I was younger I've had a big interest in Pacific Asian culture, which is where I first spotted QR codes and decided to learn more. Developing some tech based interests was impossible to avoid, with a brother who's a programmer and an engineer for a father. Tech knowledge runs in my family - maybe I missed out on the knowledge, but I still got some of the curiosity!

Being a humble QR webmaster aside, I have a lovely wife of 8 years and 2 kids, both girls, aged 3 and 7. Between the four of us, 2 cats and the many homeless critters my ever curious daughters like to adopt from time to time, we have a pretty busy home. Sometimes I'm amazed that I had time to create a website like this in between it all!

I hope to keep expanding this website in the future, and maybe even add some thoughts on other neat Japanese technology. If the QR code stuff here interests you, check some of it out! It's definitely one of my guilty pleasures, and I encourage anyone with even the slightest tech curiosity to learn more.