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If you're here, chances are you've seen QR codes around and are wondering just what they are. Or maybe you know what they are and want to know how you can use them or work them into your business. There's definitely much to learn about these barcodes. They have endless uses, many interesting functions and a rich history. If you have a computer and a smart phone, you can get started reading and creating them right now!

I created commercialqrcodegenerator.com to provide a brief, easy to understand overview of QR codes and other related technology. You can learn how to go out and create your own QR code , whether for personal use or for business. Lists of QR code generators are available based on functionality so that you can create custom QR codes, QR codes for print, even QR business cards! Creating a QR code is easy enough, but what do you do with it? I've done my best to provide lots of inspiration for uses. After all, creativity is king when it comes to marketing, especially when working in QR codes. You can find galleries of custom QR codes, ideas for where to place them and case studies detailing interesting ways that others have used QR codes to market themselves and their brand.

More than anything, I want to make others aware of just how amazing these revolutionary barcodes can be. Barcodes have come along way. No more are they boring storage pieces for product serial numbers. Now they can show videos, photos, launch websites, provide coupons and so much more! Plus creating and using QR codes is free, so you have no excuse but to explore all their possibilities. Read through the guides you'll find here and then go out and give it a try for yourself! What have you got lose?